Little Eye Shopping Spree: Bezels!

I think I’m going through an identity crisis.  Truly, I knew that bottle caps wouldn’t be my end-all, be-all for the rest of my life.  Wouldn’t that be awful if it was!  At the turn of 2011 I found myself craving a new adventure and I have decided to take a step-up by honing my skills and investing a little more time, money and finesse making rustic, unique pieces that stem from my original vision.

First off:  don’t worry!!  Bottle cap pins and magnets are still in the wings and I’ll be churning those bad boys out forever.  And I’ll definitely keep on creating the necklaces and hair clips as those do very well for my customers.  But!  Stay tuned at my Etsy shop and at retail locations that sell Little Eye for some bronzy, brassy jewelry that I’m so, so excited about.

I went on a shopping spree yesterday and picked out some pendants, rings and earrings (earrings!!)  I can’t wait.  Bottle caps were a little prohibitive in the earring department as they’re super heavy and not all ears can handle the weight!  These findings are dainty but bold, light but substantial:


Click for bunnysundries shop on Etsy. Findings galore!

Right?  Right??  I also got something similar in post earrings that come a little smaller.  I’m so freaking excited.  Did I say that already?  The biggest challenge with these and the rings will be to find a method of pouring the epoxy so that the bezel itself is on an even surface.  Otherwise I am afraid I may ruin yet another coffee table.

There are also some filigree, antiqued pendants with enormous bezels that I’m really excited to try out – I am picturing black and white photographs and oval crops that harken to an older age of photography.  Oh!  Also this new line will only be my photographs, no found images – save that for the quirky bottle caps!  Check back for the results in a couple of weeks…or a few weeks.  Or a month.  Let’s just say be safe and check back a bunch because most likely I’ll have funny things to say in the meantime.

Honing the skillz, people, honing the skillz.

Day 9 of Giving: Learn Something New

Ohh, oh kittens, I am so tired tonight.  I’m also hopped up on epoxy and dazzle tac fumes, as Picnic is quickly approaching.  Will I see you there?  Kicking around some ideas about having a raffle where I take pics of people who visit me, mention the raffle, and let me shoot them!  Then check back on the blog to see if you’re the one who got it!  More to come tomorrow morning.

Tonight (quick) entry is about learning something new.  Learn conversational Portugese (just enough to say hello, how are you, where’s the bathroom, a glass of port, please, etc.)!  Learn a new guitar chord, recipe, dance move.  If you learn it from someone else then you’re giving yourself a present AND them, the satisfaction of sharing their expertise.  Even as easy as watching a documentary about something you never knew you were interested in.

To bed, to bed!