Day 11 of Giving: Pay it forward, pay a compliment.

Hey guys, …WOW!  Firstly, let me say that the first day of Picnic was excellent.  Kate and I ended it with an embarrassing trip to McDonald’s but seriously – who wants to sit in a place after 8 hours of selling and who wants to cook?  The friendly staff at the McD’s on St. John St., that’s who.  Mmm.  Will we see you tomorrow?  I hope so!  12pm-5pm, come find us and enter the Little Eye raffle!

Secondly, today’s way of giving without really trying is to tell someone something you really like about them.  You could know them really well,  you could just see them walking down the street.  Positive reinforcement worked so well when we were little kids, right, so what’s the difference now?

“I love your coat,” “I noticed you hold the door open for that lady, it was very nice of you,” “You’ve always been a really good listener to me when I have had problems,”  etc. etc.  They may sound cheesy, but if they’re sincere the recipient can really tell.

There was no shortage of complimenting today at Picnic.  What the heck?  Did you guys dress up for this craft fair on purpose?!?  Either that or people were just coincidentally stylish today.  However you slice it, I am doing 2x the amount of planning for my outfit tomorrow, so I look awesome, too.

Time to hit the pillow, I’m beat!