Merry Unbirthday to Me

One of my favorite places to wander around aimlessly is the Pride’s Corner Flea Market.  JR goes and looks at the records and I move through the aisles like a hawk, with all my senses looking for ‘just that thing’ that I want to take home with me.

On our most recent visit, it was some guitar picks cut from gift cards, but the vendor wasn’t there, even when I circled around twice.  I remembered when I had gotten there I spied an old, beat-up, albeit broken (but still totally awesome) Hell’s Angel belt buckle at my favorite table (when you go there, it’s the one at your back if you’re buying something from the snack bar).

The guy was out, but when he came back I asked him how much it was.  He said “Oh, well — it’s broken, so Happy Birthday!”

Unexpected gifts from people with excellent taste when it’s not even your birthday.  Yesss.

Here’s my new pressy:

Wheels turning as to what I could do with it… big necklace medallion comes to mind, but it would require a little metal work.  It might also be really nice in our herb garden when it gets growing.  Sewn in to a shoulder bag?  Any other ideas?

Day 8 of Giving: Naughty or Nice

Bedroom eyes!

I suppose it’s normal that this year the top items on my list are boringly practical:  I need a sweet pair of pajamas to keep me warm, socks to do the same, and a truckload full of underwear so that I don’t have to do laundry for two months if I don’t want to.

But then I got to thinking:  Man, underwear is the best present ever.  Whether you’re the wearer or the watcher, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Let me explain.

We all know that men are like butter in the pan when we don those extra-special drawers.  The ones with the little details that couldn’t possibly be worn practically under skinny jeans, the ones that are a tad-too-scratchy with lace for a full 8-hour-shift at the office.

But too often we forget that for the ladies, wearing a kick-ass pair of skivs underneath (or as) our outfit is like having a special little secret that only we (and maybe someone else lucky) will know about.

Personally, I’ve decided to treat myself to new underwear at least three times a week until Christmas.  This is easy, because I work in Westbrook a short hop skip from the strip, so all these underwear places are readily available.  Might I also suggest you do a search for handmade undies on Etsy?

Here are some possible genres of underwear we should all be treating ourselves to:


Lace. Ooh-la-la! By chickippie.

Silky Satin-y Slippery! By Hopeless.

Sustainable! By brookthere.