settle down, you freaks

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Storm’s a comin’ in the Northeast, which typically means we stock up on food we don’t have to cook (in case the power goes!) and if the snow starts early enough I get to stay in my pajamas and watch the world get covered in a big, clean blanket of powdery goodness.  Yes, shovels and scrapers are required at some point, but it’s really no big deal.  I actually chose to live in Maine (the second time I moved here) so the apocalyptic, freak-out headline from made me wonder whether the copywriter for their site lives in a hammock in Hawaii or in a lean-to in the middle of Death Valley.  Because yes, 2-3 feet of snow and high winds would be ‘crippling’ if you lived in those places.  Up here, it’s just kind of inconvenient.  It should say “big, inconvenient blizzard ahead.”

hardy husband

hardy husband

J. and I have been having a little debate in the wake of all this press hype about public shootings.  I lean towards the idea that violence on television and in movies has a cultural effect on Americans, but he thinks the news is even more to blame, because the news is ‘real’ and movies are stories.  I was a little skeptical, but now that the Weather Channel is getting just as hyperbolic as Fox I’m starting to buy the argument.

p.s.  that picture above is from us trudging through unpacked, 18″ snowfall in jeans around New Year’s… he’s in a shallow part in the photo but it was definitely above our knees in parts.  totally worth it, because we got to see the quiet beaver pond where they’re all living this winter.  also, my grandmother followed us as we blazed the trail so she could show us where everything was… i come from hardy stock!


finch in vt in december

So my plan is to enjoy dinner out, hit the grocery store a little later tonight and then try to locate all the lefts and rights of the gloves/mittens in the house to make sure shoveling isn’t hell tomorrow.  Hopefully all the people who were tricked in to being afraid that this blizzard would ‘cripple’ them don’t clean the shelves out of the crackers, goat cheese and red pepper jelly I’m planning on surviving on until the end-of-days passes and we can get back to business…