yeah, i killed the oregano

it used to be cuban oregano

it used to be cuban oregano

Yeeeah, …I killed the cuban oregano.  It was already in a sorry state from being stuck indoors all winter – it had been a lush, green plant since November of last year but neglect and the shock of moving must have killed it.

Or maybe two days ago when I decided it ‘needed to be outdoors’ promptly followed by a summer downpour to rival Niagara Falls.  So yeah, no sun, heat shock, extreme over watering then overnight cold… yeah, no way around it, I killed the oregano.

But not totally!  I was able to face my guilt and try and salvage what little bits were left.  Cuban oregano can be grown from cuttings like many other houseplants.  You can proliferate a healthy bush of it even more (for a wide range of yummy dishes) with some simple instructions:

Take your cuttings by snipping just below a set of leaves.  When I snipped I tried to get as much stem as possible before the stem started turning brown from the over watering.  If your plant is healthy then you can cut a longer stem.  Longer stem = more root sprouts.  Prune a couple sets of leaves up the stem to allow plenty of room for the root sprouts.  Once they have formed, the cuttings can be transplanted in soil.  On their own they are sweet, aromatic, furry little things that make great gifts.  I was able to salvage about a dozen cuttings, now coming back to life on the kitchen windowsill:

live... Live.. LIVE!!

live… Live.. LIVE!!

Unfortunately they can’t be gifted because I need to reestablish my own personal stock.  For those of you that don’t know, cuban oregano can be used fresh or dried like any other green herb and is used in lots of Spanish and Latin dishes.  A-yum-yum.  Check out this recipe for Cuban Oregano Bhajis from Island Vittles that I am going to try… once I get my plant back!