Kitchen Garden

Alas, apartment-living.  You are the best when it comes to not mowing the lawn, replacing the water heater in an emergency, and requiring a down payment.  But you are the worst when it comes to gardening!  With little or no yard to speak of, and a hesitance to share my seedlings with grabby neighbors who might think our porch is their property, too – or worse, think it’s really fun to chuck terra cotta pots around at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night – I have to settle for a little kitchen garden until I get my own backyard.  That’ll be a victory garden, indeed.

love grows where my rosemary goes

I started the rosemary and the oregano seeds at the end of January, and in full sunlight on the counter all day they’re doing famously.  I need to read up on how to care for these so that they bring the most productive herb-age to our dinner table.  I think the oregano will be easy, but rosemary seems like a testy bitch.  Already all the seedlings are just growing on one side of the pot and the soil is turning white.  Hrm.

hello, wildfire

Here is the oregano.  It’s already plentiful and the leaves look like proper oregano leaves, just junior sized.  I hope I don’t have to replant it, just tear bits mercilessly from this little pot and it will grow back as tenaciously as it already has in the last two months.

welcome to the world, little basils!

I’m a terrible basil failure, or at least I have been in the past.  Of course, in the past I’ve kind of just sprinkled some seeds on some dirt and hoped for the best.  I watched some YouTube videos and ready some WikiHow articles and feel relatively confident that I can follow some easy instructions.  Growing basil from seed, you basically need to thin them out as soon as they’ve grown about 3/4″ high – then when they’ve grown their second set of leaves you have to pinch those off.  When your basil flowers you need to get rid of those.  Pulling sprigs off the outermost growth will help keep the plant bushy.  One time, I had a 7-inch tall basical that was only a stalk and a couple of leaves at the top.  I hung on to that thing for a year before I gave up… until now.  I can’t wait to see how they do this year – I will be vindicated.