Kara-Okay! Karaoke at Slainte with D.J. Ponyfarm…

You don't actually get a guitar at karaoke. You get bright lights and a microphone. It's horrifying and awesome, just like a roller coaster!

…was so much fun tonight!

D.J. Ponyfarm (née Jonathan Charles Merrifield) puts on the most fun karaoke, complete with applause tracks and awesome song selections on Tuesday nights at Slainte on Preble St. in Portland (across from where the old Public Market used to be).

Kristina did “She Blinded Me With Science” and “The Tide is High” (totally rocked it) and we sang “Ticket to Ride” and “Turning Japanese” together and I did “Satisfaction” and “Got My Mind Set on You” (Harrison) and WOW it was fun!

I’m all jazzed up.  Time to mellow out with my annoying kitties and head to bed.  ‘Night, folks!

Picnic on Sunday!

This Is Gonna Be Awesome!

Okay, guys – heads up!  Picnic is on Sunday, December 11th and it’s in a NEW LOCATION.  58 Fore St (kinda where Portland Yacht Services is, near the narrow gauge railroad).  So don’t be going to the Irish Heritage Center knocking on their doors and wondering why Picnic won’t let you in.  Jeez!

I’ll be there, and super excited to be selling socks and ear warmers for the first time – I sold a bunch of knit stuff at The Big Chill last weekend and I hope to do the same on Sunday!


Seeya there.  🙂

June 2011: First Friday Picks

Wondering what to do tonight?  Here are some items definitely on my to-visit list:

GRAND OPENING of The Merchant Co., a ‘flea market’ of nearly 50 Portland and Maine artists, crafters and vintage resellers.  I am selling here – woo-hoo!  Music, wine, snacks, and a raffle tonight.  Don’t miss it!  656 Congress St., where Coast City Comics used to be!

Launch of Beaux&Arrow, a collaboration between Emblem Studio and Ponomo featuring screen printed leather… and more?  I dunno.  Go to the Portland Museum of Art to find out.  Swanky, huh?

Fore River Gallery celebrates 2 years, why not check out what they have on the walls?