Just The Best Coupon Ever: Ferdinand.

Unicorn Love from Ferdinand, click to view listing

WHOA.  Talk about a mood booster from my inbox this morning:  Ferdinand is offering at 50% off voucher ($10 for $20 worth of credit) at the Living Social deal site.  You can get Valentine’s Day cards, fake mustaches, screen printed t-shirts, vintage goodies and more while you’re there.  I just bought mine, so now you go get yours.  (P.S. you should be spending twenty real dollars at Diane’s shop anyways so this is just icing on the cake!)

Click here to go to the deal.

Ferdinand is located in Portland, Maine on the East End of Congress St., between Washington Ave and India St.  You can go get a slice at Otto while you’re there, hopefully they’ve got a fresh cranberry, butternut and ricotta pie cooling.

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