bulls, bears and bees


Last year, rounding the calendar I decided to apologize less.  A lot less.  Not the really real apologies, where they are truly meant or needed, no:  the “sorrys” on the chopping block were casual, numerous and daily.

“Hey, did you do this thing that I haven’t asked you to do yet?” (co-worker)

“Sorry, no!  I’ll get right on it” (old me)

“I haven’t!  But I’d be happy to.”  (new me)

So this year I’m taking it one step further and making myself comfortable with saying No.  And not necessarily saying it, but doing it – as excited I get about every project everyone is working on I am going to focus by saying “Nope!” to tasks that aren’t directly related to my personal goals.

A-ha, now the fun part:  what are my personal goals?

This year I’m going to focus on two pretty substantial projects:

-Bees.  (Yes, real ones.)  I’m going to build them a home and share honey with them.

-Understanding the stock market.  Maybe even using the stock market.  Maybe.

So there it is, propolis and residual honey and portfolios and residual income.

happy new year, folks.

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