cello bags 4 eva

Don’t worry, the novelty isn’t lost on me.  I plan on having bottle cap pin ‘6 packs’ ready to go (and for only $10) by the Christmas season!  For now, though, marvel at my ‘PhotoBooth’ technique and my ‘pretend to know how to do graphic design on a shoestring’ technique.  3 packs will debut at Picnic Music + Arts Festival in Lincoln Park, Portland, ME on Saturday, August 27th!

Also, while I was writing this there was a kitchen fire in the apartment building next door to mine, in the apartment that is on the same level as our main floor.  I hope it’s not bad and that the little kiddos that usually wave ‘hi!’ to me out the back stairwell while I’m cooking dinner don’t have to stay somewhere else for the night.  Just looks like smoke damage at this point, but the neighborhood was just FULL of firetrucks!  For any and all really important info, check the national Fire Safety Website.  Better to be prepared than caught off guard…

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