late summer garden – update



Remember these guys?  I planted them late July in hopes of getting a last little bit of growth before the frost.  They’ve made quite some progress – I hope they make it!  Just a little… bigger… before they come out of the ground.  Mesclun’s almost ready, kale is getting there, spinach is a bit slow-going…

mesclun's almost ready

mesclun’s almost ready

kale just needs a few more days

kale just needs a few more days

very baby spinach

very baby spinach

We’ve also added some blueberry bushes to the mix.  The ultimate goal is that this backyard is predominantly a source of food, not a large expanse of grass for husband to mow.  Check ’em out:



Who knows — maybe those little buds will produce berries by the end of the month!  Stay away, frost, stay away…


2 thoughts on “late summer garden – update

    • Ohh, look at all those types of kale! I am growing the russian red which the seed rep at my local greenhouse said was the hardiest and best for planting late. I’ve literally done nothing to the soil, and just planted it in a generic mix that is soil from the Coast of Maine, which is where I live… figured that would be best. I did put a little bit of compost on it but nothing special… we are growing 5 types of blueberry bushes, though, and we’re going to see what does best! They’ll establish themselves this fall and hopefully survive the winter. 🙂

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